Mahmood Mohamed, CBV, MBA is the President of SME Valuation.

Mahmood is a Chartered Business Valuator and has been involved in over 60 valuations of companies in various

industries with a particular focus in the SME space. The majority of his valuations involve businesses with revenue between $1 million and $50 million.

Mahmood has over 12 years of senior experience in both consulting and industry roles. 
He has held senior financial positions at American Appraisal Canada, Pricewaterhouse Coopers and SAP Canada.

Our Values:

We conduct our affairs with professionalism and trust.  Our opinions and advice are based on proper research and review.  To the extent that our review is limited, this is clearly qualified.

Independence & Objectivity
We provide valuation opinions without bias. Our fees do not depend on our conclusions or subsequent events.  We do not accept referral fees or offer the same. 

Clients Interest
Without compromising independence and objectivity, we are committed to client satisfaction.  If we are not properly suited for your requirements, we will make this clear and not provide services.  If possible, we will refer you to other professionals who may be better suited.


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